Macclesfield - Beside you 16 Track Record

MACCLESFIELD Still singin'

Here our video for our application for the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2015.

Produced for the E.m.E. Studios by Norwin Münch and Germar Hoffmeister

Below f.l.t.r.: Mike Vaughan (E-git., a-git., lead voc., co-texting, co Arrangement, vocal coaching), Dagmar McKenzie (Highland Bagpipes), Norwin Münch (Dr., bass, string synthesizer, arrangement, underwater camera)

Middle f.l.t.r.: Andrea Frede (Lead voc., lyrics, melody), Melissa Kalberlah (Backing voc.), Thomas "Thoto" Preikschat (Video production), Up: Germar Hoffmeister (2. diver)

Melissa in action!


SALFORD now with singer Andrea

The brandnew CD "The 10th floor"

SALFORD and MACCLESFIELD, Greater Manchester, England, are the origins where the history of one of the most influence giving bands for us took place: Joy Division.

SALFORD were starting as MACCLESFIELD and finally the CD is released. You can hear fine unique SALFORD style versions of JOY DIVISION, NEW ORDER, PAUL WELLER, O.M.D and VISAGE songs. The original single tracks of 2010 are there as well as the guest musicians Markus of ADJUDJEMENT, Arne of COSMIC ALIENS INC. and ANDREA and MELISSA of MACCLESFIELD. Available at 25 Music record store, Hannover.

SALFORD - Ceremony 16 Track Record

The single 2010 (Sold out)


02-18-17 Strangriede Stage, Hannover

Sunday 08-06-17, 7.30pm, Faehrmannsfest Hannover, Cultural Stage, entree free! Photos by Axel Herzig